Dog Training by Meg - Behavioral Modification
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I hope that I can provide assistance for your dog training issues.  Does your dog jump all over you or your visitors?   Is your dog aggressive with other dogs, you, your family or around food?  Let me help you learn how to correct the issues.  Using the same techniques as Cesar Millan-The Dog Whisperer, I'll help you help yourself and your dog!  I can also assist you with basic obedience.  Lets make your dog a great canine citizen!
                                            Meg Francoeur
  IACP Assoc. Member #3821
For more information about Cesar Millan and his work, click here:
If you're interested in adopting a rescued dog or fostering yourself please check for rescues in your state.  For the state of South Carolina or Georgia please see Molly's Militia at this link:

Want to know more about the dog food you're feeding and whether or not it's a good quality food?  Feel free to contact me for a list on how  
                                                                       to grade your food.
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